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Danger Does Japan

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[Jul. 25th, 2006|01:41 am]
Danger Does Japan




Title: Motorcycle Vagabonding in Japan
Author: Guy De La Rupelle

Didn't think of Japan as a motorcycle destination? Think again! Resident author Guy de La Rupelle has found terrific roads to wander on in the 'Land of the Rising Sun'. Sample all the wonder, beauty, mysticism, and culture that Japan has to offer without the hassle of crowds, traffic, stress, and consumerism. The best part about Japan: nicely engineered twisties on smooth pavement high in the mountains! Features of this handy guide include: what to bring, whether to rent a bike or bring your own, insurance, safety, food descriptions and costs, useful Japanese phrases, resources for supplies and research, and all you will need to know to ride Japan. The detailed maps and many photographs will guide you and show you the treat you are looking for!